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Allergy Free Party Food

​On Sunday it was our son Alex's 9th birthday.

I like to go to a bit of trouble to make it special because I only do a big party for my kids every second year. We need to do a party at home so that I can cater for Alex and it's not very often I can say to him "you can eat anything on the table!" This time we decided to get out
Game Vault. It's a big van full of X-Boxes, lights and noise! The kids played a game outside together for about 15 minutes, went inside the air conditioned van for about an hour and then came outside again and played on the lawn to calm down a bit before running out to the backyard for some food.

It was lots of fun and I highly recommend this for a party at home! Rob and Henry from Game Vault even wiped down the controllers inside the van just in case there was any food contamination on them - and I didn't even ask!!

Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies

So let's get onto the food!

I served food that was gluten free (apart from some oat milk in the chocolate custards and the rye bread I used for the fairy bread), dairy free, peanut nut free, tree nut free, rice free, soy free and additive free.

You could really easily modify this menu to be egg free as well - just make the cake egg free and the schnitzel egg free. I kept it simple and tried to make it like regular party food.

Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies



  • Water to drink
  • Plain potato chips
  • Avocado dip with carrot and celery
  • Honey joys - made with organic cornflakes, coconut oil and honey
  • Plain popcorn
  • Plate of fruit - strawberries, pineapple, banana and rock melon. I also served some plain white marshmallows and did a chocolate fountain with dairy free chocolate to dip the fruit and marshmallows in if the kids wanted to
  • Chocolate cupcakes for cake time - a new recipe I've been working on

That's it. Easy and all of the kids enjoyed it!

Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies

Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies