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May The 4th Be With You - Gluten Free Star Wars Party Food!

Today May the 4th is International Star Wars Day. I do a birthday party with friends for my children once every two years and for Alex it’s always at home so he can eat all the food – it’s his birthday and almost the only time he can eat anything at a party! For his 7th birthday we had a Star Wars Party and I didn’t have a blog then so I thought I would share all of the pictures here so that if anyone is looking for simple allergy free ideas you can see how easy it is. I did order all of the party stuff online ahead of time to make it easy.

Alex’s birthday is in August so it was cold. We did have a beautiful day so the kids could play outside and we chose to do some simple Star Wars themed games like lightsaber battles. Chris was in charge of supervision of these while I got the food ready. The kids had a great time!

Star Wars Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies

I made some simple food ahead of time and all except the pizza was free of the top 8 allergens (wheat, dairy, soy, egg, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish ) as well as rye, barley, beef and rice, so Alex could eat everything. The pizza did have cheese on because Alex was the only child that did not tolerate dairy and on the day he had it as a treat – he’s not at risk of anaphylaxis to dairy.

The menu included:

  • Padme Popcorn – caramel popcorn home made
  • Pit Droid Pizza – ham and cheese pizza
  • Jedi Jelly
  • Obi-Wan Chicken Kebabs – chicken tenderloins pressed into additive free cornflake crumbs and baked
  • R2-D2 Potato Chips – plain potato chips
  • Wookiee Cookies – homemade choc chip cookies
  • Jedi Honey Joys
  • Death Star Balls – homemade chicken meatballs
  • Watto-Melon and Other Fruits – I used some Star Wars cookie cutters to cut out melon and also made some lightsabers out of melon and toothpicks
  • Water to drink – I bought some Star Wars stickers and placed a band of paper over the label and added the sticker for decoration
  • Cupcakes at cake time – gluten free cupcakes with lightsaber decorations and Hopper 100s & 1000s in matching colours (blue, green and red)

Star Wars Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies


Star Wars Gluten Free Party Food - Happy Tummies


I haven't got a picture of the loot bags. We didn't do lollies in them. I filled them up with Star Wars bits and pieces, some I bought online like stickers and tatoos and the rest just free things I printed out like Star Wars colouring in and puzzles.

This is what we did for school. Simple allergy free cupcakes everyone in the class could eat and I bought some Star Wars rings online and simply popped them on top as a cupcake topper with some Hopper 100s & 1000s in red and black. The kids were all wearing these rings when they came to the party! You don’t need to spend a lot of money on cakes for them to look cool!

Star Wars Gluten Free Cupcakes - Happy Tummies

That’s it – simple and fun!