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I ordered the chocolate chip and coconut biscuits and both are absolutely beautiful. Couldn’t tell they were gluten free. Five stars

Yumearth organic chewy fruit chews

Just so yummy

Best flour

Absolutely love this flour, have used it many times without telling the family it’s gluten free and know one can tell, that’s how good it is . Highly recommend

Best crumpets ever!

Love these crumpets. They arrived within 2 days of ordering, nice and fresh. They’re so fluffy and don’t taste gf at all

Egg nest pasta

Fantastic, I am not a coeliac but rather than cook 2 different pastas I just use the gluten free ones and if they weren’t any good I wouldn’t, so my husband who is the coeliac, enjoy it

Always fantastic products

Love these products!! Every time I order the quality is perfect!

Gluten free pizza mix

This is the best gluten free pizza base I’ve ever eaten

Fabulous Free From Factory Sea Salt Chocovered Fudgee Bites 65g
Bradley Dhu
These are delicious

These are so amazing! Can’t recommend them enough!


I was looking forward to eating the Griessivi but it tasted like cardboard.

GF ANZAC biscuits for ANZAC Day

Bobs Red Mill Rolled Oats are excellent. Decent sized oats makes a delicious porridge and even better ANZAC biscuits that are crunchy or chewy. Non-GF family members also devoured the biscuits. A yummy treat.

Honeycomb heaven 😍

Best treat ever!! Once you start eating them you can’t stop.

Great for thickening sauces.

I thicken my sauces with potato starch which is very healthy. You only need a small amount so it lasts a long time. Just need to add it at the end and make sure it doesn't get too thick.

Fabulous Food

Love love love the food and ease of getting it


Was too lazy to make my own waffle mix or even try to experiment with it. Then discovered this brand and it’s so tasty and goes well with any topping. Highly recommend

Great taste

Tried this brownie mix and have to say it’s the best so far from all the other GF brownie mixes I’ve tried. Didn’t go hard and dry, kept some of it’s moist and smoothness and the taste was delicious!


Was excited to try this product as the piklet mix from the same brand is great. But this was disappointing. Had the light and fluffy mix but tedious to them cook and doesn’t taste as good as hoped.

Sprout baby formula

Love this formula. Bub changed over to it straight away. Lisa has been so helpful getting this to me quickly when my baby ran out and we couldn’t use anything else due to her allergies. Thank you Lisa

Enjoyable GF donuts.

As is the mixture was mediocre but adding in an egg or egg replacer changes that to yummy and light and fluffy and just plain good. I still have half of the mixture left to make more I love to make mini donuts in my donut maker and my family enjoy these too.

Best taste ever

A Delicious yummy treat that my whole family enjoy. I like to add fresh pear to the batter and on top as the loaf bakes for a lovely Ginger Tea bread. I get this as often as I can. Also great as mini loaves or muffins too. I am yet to try this mix as Gingerbread cookies.

Firm fav of mine.

These are great to have on hand for when you are craving something quick and tasty in a pasta dish. I make them as a vegetarian meal and they go down a treat with my family and I, even though we aren't vegetarians ourselves. The texture is great and they can be scored to snap and fit into the lasagna pan you are using to fit more evenly.

Cruskit style crispbreads.

Loved these and the came in handy for my hospital stay in Feb this year. I made sandwiches out of them with some of my hospital meals that were on repeat due to my allergies. Loved the taste and texture and they are fantastic with tomatoes and for soups.

Loved them

These are the closest I've found to Arnot's Butternut snaps biscuits and they were not too crunchy and a great tasting treat that I didn't have to bake myself.

Loved them

Bought these to try and was so glad I did, great in soups too.

Best taste ever

Bought these to try for myself and ended up on sharing with my non wheat/non GF family too. The texture of these cannelloni shells was superb and I had fun creating a lovely pumpkin and ricotta filling served with a tomato pasta sauce made with some of my home grown produce. I will be buying them again but next time a double amount for them to go further. Picture is of the uncooked meal but it was lovely all the same.

Look no further!

It is so difficult to find white gluten free bread that stays fresh and does not need to be toasted to be eaten. Look no further the 'WELL & GOOD SLICED WHITE LOAF' is worth every cent!