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Additive Free Halloween Treats

I've really noticed in the last few years that Halloween is here to stay in Australia. I suppose it's mostly been driven by big business to make more sales in an otherwise quiet time of year but the kids sure do seem to like it! I never really understood what it was all about so I checked in with the website that knows all (Wikkipedia ;) ) and apparently it's a celebration to remember the deceased, which I think is actually a great thing to do. I'm just not so sure about all of the crappy food that goes along with it.

Now I've done a pretty thorough search of Pinterest for you and there are some pretty disgusting things you can make. I don't actually think I'd be able to eat lots of them because they look so repulsive. I've gathered a heap of pictures for you that aren't too gross or unhealthy so everyone can enjoy a treat!


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies
Original source Total Bristol. Use these cute pictures as inspiration and use your own recipes for safe biscuits and cupcakes!


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies
Fruit mummies byThe Decorated Cookie - Orange cups with berries byBoholoco - Mummies by Two Healthy Kitchens


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies
Two great recipes by the clever Fork and Beans. I'm loving the use of sunflower seeds on the Silly Apple Bites. Make sure you also checkout the dairy free recipe for the Halloween Yogurt Bark!


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies
Sweet Potato Fries by Tablespoon - Halloween Pasta Salad by Rebecca Heriz - Guacamole by Inspiring Pretty

Just don't put regular purple food colouring in the water for the pasta salad as suggested! Pop a chopped up purple carrot in the water or a beetroot!


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies

Strawberry Ghosts by Miss Candiquik - Pancakes byMama.Papa.Bubba - Spider web by Will Cook For Smiles

Just use white chocolate to dip the Strawberry Ghosts (dairy free if required).


Healthy Halloween Food For Kids - Happy Tummies
Fruit cups by Becoming a Bentoholic - Halloween mandarins by Under Construction - Fruit by One Little Project

There you have it. My work is done for this week! Have a great Halloween if you celebrate :)

Lisa x