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25 Non-Food Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

I’m not one to go overboard with gifts for my kids at Easter. Don’t get me wrong, my kids don’t miss out but I just don’t feel it’s necessary to spend a heap of money at Easter and I don’t like to buy cheap junk just for the sake of it that gets thrown away the next day.

It’s important to me to remind my kids what the day is actually for. We like to keep it simple in our house with a few nice treats from the Easter bunny, an Easter egg hunt in our backyard and a small gift from us (because we’re not the Easter bunny!).

Anyway, I know there are lots of you who don’t like to give your kids heaps of chocolate or lollies for Easter and there are also heaps of you who have kids that can’t eat chocolate or don’t have many safe foods.

If you want to make your own food treats I've done a blog post  about that and you might like to check that out here. If you’re looking for some non-food gifts you might like to consider a few of these:

1.      Plastic fillable eggs with money or a small surprise inside

2.      Foot path chalk

3.      Bubbles

4.      New winter PJs or a pair of slippers

5.      Some cute reusable straws

6.      A picture book for kids about Easter

7.      Easter stickers or craft set

8.      Easter mug or cup

9.      Easter hair clips - check out this Pinterest board of hairclips – click here 

10.    Easter dress ups like bunny ears and tail

11.    Some bento to make lunchboxes fun

12.    Small ball or skipping rope

13.    New cute toothbrush and toothpaste - a great idea this time of year!

14.    An Easter t-shirt

15.    Lip gloss / balm (make sure you check ingredients for kids with food allergies)

16.    A small toy car

17.    Easter themed ice pop moulds

18.    Play dough

19.    Some reusable food pouches

20.    Packet of vegetable seeds to plant

21.    Bath bombs

22.    Coloured pencils, crayons, paints

23.    A recipe book for older kids - chocolate cookbooks are great!

24.    A small Lego set

25.    An Easter bunny coupon – check out these free printable ones here

Non Food Easter Gifts For Kids - Happy Tummies

Have you got any other great non-food ideas for Easter you’d like to share? Please comment below if you do because I’d love to add to the list!