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English Tea Shop Organic Tea Christmas Tree Collection

Imagine these cute luxury organic tea bags hanging on your tree this Christmas waiting for the moment you take a few minutes for yourself to relax. Also a brilliant small gift for a friend, teacher or to go in a larger hamper

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Organic tea


How gorgeous are these 6 organic teas bags that you can hang on the tree as a special treat just for you. They also make a beautiful gift for a friend or teacher.

Flavours include: 

Winter Warmer: organic rooibos (62%), organic ginger (15%), organic cocoa (15%), natural vanilla flavour (4%), organic star anise (2%), organic mace (2%). 

Apple, Rosehip & Cinnamon: organic hibiscus (47%), organic rosehip (36%), organic apple (5%), organic cinnamon (5%), organic peppermint (2%), natural strawberry flavour (2%), natural cherry flavour (1.5%), natural raspberry flavour (1.5%).

 Lemongrass, Citrus & Ginger: organic lemongrass (47%), organic orange peel (24%), organic ginger (24%), natural lime flavour (2.5%), organic mandarin flavour (2.5%).

Winter Balance: organic peppermint leaves (25%), organic cinnamon (21%), organic spearmint (12%), organic fenugreek (12%), organic lemon peels (9%), organic fennel (7%), organic turmeric (5%), organic elderflowers (4.5%), natural mango flavor (2.5%), natural pineapple flavor (2%). 

RooibosCocoa & Vanilla: organic rooibos (72.75%), organic cocoa nibs (22%), vanilla flavor (3%), natural cocoa flavour (2%), organic vanilla pods (0.5%). 

Ceylon Cinnamon: organic cinnamon (92%), organic ginger (6%), organc cardamom (2%).