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Lunch Box Allergy Free Scrolls

​I make savoury scrolls for my daughter Paige for her lunch box quite often. I add some hidden veg, some chia seeds and use spelt flour to pack in as much goodness as I can. They make packing the lunch box on those days really easy because I just pull one out of the freezer and whack it in her lunch box and by lunch time it's defrosted.

Alex is really hard to feed at lunch because he's only interested in eating a sandwich and it's hard to hide any extra goodies in there! I decided it was time to try and attempt a scroll for him. This recipe has some hidden veg as well, which he chooses not to eat normally but they went totally undetected, phew (note: you don't have to peel the zucchini if your kids are okay with green)!

Prep your pumpkin the night before when you steam some veg for dinner or do what I do and steam a heap at once and store in the freezer in small glass jars ready to go. I just pull a jar out when I need it to add to my cooking, usually the night before so it defrosts in the fridge. I also used the fantastic Bio Cheese Cheddar Flavour that I get in Woolworths. Alex really likes this and it worked a treat to give these a cheesy taste.

Now these won't be nice and easy to roll like scrolls made with wheat or spelt flour so be prepared for that. Gluten free mix will always be like a batter so just spread it out and roll it up as best you can. If you prefer just pop the bread mixture into large muffin trays and sprinkle cheese and ham on top - you might like to swirl it through a bit with a skewer. I like to do it like I make scrolls so the cheese and ham is spread through and I find it quite easy.

I did have two goes first making these without a muffin pan just placing them on a tray lined with baking paper. They spread quite a bit and went flat. Alex liked them like that but I think they're a bit easier to make in large muffin pans.

Gluten Free Scrolls For Lunchboxes - Happy Tummies   

Lunch Box Allergy Free Scrolls Recipe

Wheat free, dairy free, soy free, nut free, can be egg and gluten free

Makes approximately 8


100g My Life Bio Cheese - we like Cheddar Flavour (grated if not using a Thermomix)
Quality diced ham for topping
100g cooked and mashed pumpkin
100g peeled zucchini (grated if not using a Thermomix)
¼ cup (60mls) filtered water
3 tbsps olive oil (45g)
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
2 eggs (or chia egg if egg free)
1 tsp salt
¾ cup (190g)sorghum flour
1 cup (125g)arrowroot starch
½ cup (70g) oat flour (I just grind up uncontaminated oats and store in a canister ready to go) - orrice flour for GF
1 tbsp rapadura or sugar
2 tbsps white chia seeds (I'd leave these out if you usechia egg replacer)
2 tbsp Super Food for Kidz Vital Veggie Power (optional but fab for extra hidden nutrients)
2 tsps yeast

To make egg free use chia ‘eggs’. Mix 2 tablespoons of chia seeds with 6 tablespoons (120mls) water. Set it aside to gel. After a few minutes when it’s like a gel use it in place of the eggs.

Thermomix Method (regular instructions below)

  • Preheat oven to 50° C
  • Grease extra large muffin pan - I made 8 scrolls
  • Grate the Bio Cheese on speed 4 for about 5 secs, set aside for later
  • Without washing the bowl, place chunks of peeled zucchini into the bowl and blitz on speed 4 for 5 secs
  • Add all other ingredients to bowl. Put the wet ingredients in first and add the dry on the top (make sure you keep the salt away from the yeast - I usually add the salt in with the wet ingredients and put the yeast in last)
  • Mix on speed 5 for 10 secs, scrape down and repeat
  • Spread the dough onto a greased flexible mat on your bench into a rectangle - mine was 27cm wide and 23cm high but you don't need to be exact
  • Sprinkle with reserved cheese and good quality allergy free ham leaving the top few cms free of topping so the dough can stick together
  • Carefully roll up your scroll using the flexible mat - I roll away from me and then use the other side of the mat to roll the top bit towards me
  • Cut into desired thickness - I find it easiest to use a plain dental floss to cut the scrolls to size but a knife will be find if you don't have any
  • Carefully place each piece into the prepared muffin tray holes - or place onto prepared trays if doing freestyle
  • Cover loosely with greased foil and place in the warm oven for 40 minutes so the yeast can get to work. If it's a warm day you can skip the rise in the oven and place them somewhere nice and warm for 40 minutes. I'd pop them into a cold oven then and turn it to 180° C and cook for about 40 minutes
  • Turn oven up to 180° C and cook for a further 35 minutes uncovered
  • Remove from oven and after 5 minutes turn out on a wire rack to cool

What if you don't have a Thermomix?


Simple! Just follow instructions above and either mix buy hand in a bowl or in a food processor. All you need to do differently is grate your Bio Cheese and zucchini before you start :)

Feel free to mix up the toppings to whatever you like. A thin spread of tomato sauce with the bio cheese would be nice and make pizza scrolls or you could do something like a cheesymite scroll if you have a spread that is safe to use. You can also substitute the flours with similar weight flours such as rice flour or millet for the oat flour to make gluten free.

These are best served fresh however we did try them the next day and Alex enjoyed them. I also froze and defrosted to see how they went and he still enjoyed them. If you make them thin without a muffin tray they'll be fine as is but if you make them in muffin trays so they are thicker feel free to serve with butter if tolerated or a safe dairy free spread. If you freeze them and want a spread cut in half and spread before you freeze so in the mornings you can just pull them out and they are ready to go.

 Recipe From - Copyright 2016 Happy Tummies

I hope your kids enjoy them as much as my boy! Lisa x

Gluten Free Scrolls For Lunchboxes - Happy Tummies