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Miss 7's Disney Frozen Pool Party

Sunday was my daughter’s 7th birthday.

She’s a real cutey – funny, feisty and bossy, and not really into all things girly. Blue is her favourite colour (it always has been).

Even though Paige isn’t normally into girly things she has fallen in love with Frozen. Luckily it’s hot for us in January and we have a pool so we decided to try a pool party for the first time, a Frozen pool party.

It was heaps of fun and my husband Chris did a great job of running the entertainment while I prepared the food. I didn’t do allergy free food for Paige’s party because we
always accommodate her brother and she doesn’t have any issues with food at all. It was her day, and none of her other guests had allergies or intolerances and I thought it only fair that the day was about her. We just went with a nut and additive free party and I prepared a few different items for her brother (most of it he could eat anyway). You can adapt all of these ideas and make them allergy friendly as required.

I scoured Pinterest for some great ideas and created a board on Happy Tummies. I’ve taken off most of the things now and have updated with my pictures but there are some great free printables that I used to make the party theme perfect. You can take a look at our board  here.


Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas - Happy Tummies

Here’s what I made:

Sven Food
Sweet carrot dip with carrot and celery sticks. I made this dip by roasting the carrots in coconut oil in my Tefal Actifry to save time and popped in a whole cinnamon stick as well. I blitzed the cooled carrot with the cream cheese, honey and olive oil in my Thermomix.


500g carrots roasted with a cinnamon stick (discard the cinnamon once cooked)

250g tub spreadable cream cheese (full fat)

2 tablespoons of honey (I used raw honey)

2 tablespoons olive oil

A sprinkle of Herbamare salt (your normal salt and pepper to taste will be fine)

I decided to save time here and used Cobs Natural Sea Salt Popcorn. The kids LOVED this!

Olaf Noses
Mini carrots simply washed – too easy! The kids went crazy for these and they looked so cute on the table. I didn’t peel them and no one cared.

Snowflake Crackers
I bought some additive free crackers (use rice crackers if you need gluten free) and I cut out some sliced cheese in cute shapes – I didn’t have a snowflake cutter the right size or I would have used that.

Snowflake Sandwiches
I used Organic Mountain Bread and spread with a little butter so they weren’t dry, ham, cheese, carrot and a very small amount of baby spinach. I made some little flags to make them look a bit more fun. The kids ate these too but the adults really liked these sandwiches.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas - Happy Tummies

Snowflake Biscuits
You can use any plain biscuit recipe for these that suits your dietary requirements. I iced with just pure icing sugar mixed with water and Hopper Natural food colour in blue.

Melted Olaf
I made the arms from plain melted milk chocolate. The eyes were drops of white chocolate with a black Hopper 100s and 1000s in the middle and the noses were melted white chocolate tinted with orange Hopper Natural food colour. I used Jalna Sweet and Creamy Greek Yoghurt.

Snow Balls
I made two types and I used recipes from Wholefood Simply for both. The first were Coconut Rough simply rolled into balls and then a bit of extra desiccated coconut. The others were Jersey Caramels which I rolled in Hopper 100s & 1000s in white (Paige doesn’t like coconut on the outside so these were for her).

Heart Kebabs
I cut rockmelon in love heart and star shapes and thread on skewers with strawberries – I cut the sharp end off the kebabs once threaded on.

Frozen Hearts
Watermelon and honeydew melon cut in two heart sizes. I used the free printable cupcake toppers stuck on toothpicks to jazz them up a bit.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas - Happy Tummies

Fruity Water
I froze organic blueberries, organic raspberries and mango in ice cubes with water and then popped in cold water. The water actually turned purple and the kids loved it! I had to top it up with more water.

Frozen Birthday Cake
I’m not a fancy cake maker. I just like to make a cake with quality ingredients and keep it simple. I used a plain butter cake recipe and made a large square cake. I cut it in half and sandwiched the two pieces together with icing so it was nice and high. I used Hopper Natural food colour in blue which tends to go a greenish colour when mixed with butter which was lovely.

I made a simple cream cheese frosting and iced straight away without refrigerating so it mixed well as I iced the three layers. I made a double batch which was a bit too much in the Thermomix but I managed to mix it through. I iced the bottom yellow layer first, added a bit of blue colour and mixed again in the Thermomix and did the next layer and then added a bit more colour and re-mixed and then finally iced the top.

I used some Hopper 100s & 1000s in white to sprinkle on top and some Hopper Pearls in blue. The icing was quite sticky so I was able to gently throw some sprinkles around the top sides as well. I popped a couple of our Disney Infinity characters on top. Paige loved this cake.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas - Disney Frozen Cake - Happy Tummies

Party Bags
I used the same dough as the snowflake biscuits and iced them with a mixture of pure icing sugar, water and Hopper Natural Food Colour in blue. The lolly on top is Biona Organic Pomegranate Hearts – available at Happy Tummies along with all of the Hopper products mentioned.

Disney Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas Loot Bag - Happy Tummies