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Save My Gluten Free Fail!

Gluten free baking and allergy free baking can result in a lot of fails! Trust me, I KNOW!

Especially when you are creating new recipes or tweaking old favourites your family love. Now sometimes there is nothing to do but toss it, especially if you burn it, but other fails can and should be rescued into something else. Gluten free ingredients are expensive so I'd encourage you to try some of these, rather than than waste it!

I've got ideas for bread, cakes and biscuits :)

1. My Gluten Free Bread Sucks

  • Turn it into breadcrumbs and use for stuffing, breadcrumbs for schnitzel, sprinkle over vegetable bakes or even adding to rissoles or meatballs. This is a great idea for left over crusts as well. Store them in the freezer until required
  • If not too bad, smother in butter or dairy free spread and garlic and toast in the oven as garlic bread
  • You could also make bruschetta with it
  • Chop up and toast, and use as croutons in soup and salad

Gluten Free Croutons - Happy Tummies

    2. My Cake Is A Flop

    • Process into crumbs and turn into cake pops - my kids love this!! You don't even need to put them on a stick - just roll into balls and dip in chocolate
    • Use in a trifle - it was meant to be like that anyway, huh ;) 
    • Use the cake crumbs as a slice topping or on a dessert - you can toast them if you have time so they're crunchy!
    • Smother in custard as a dessert - don't even mention it was a fail haha
    • Cut into smaller pieces and serve as Petit Fours
    • Slice and make into a hot pudding

      3. My Biscuits Are A Fail

      • Ice them and cover it up - you could even sandwich two together!
      • Process into crumbs and turn into a cheesecake base, tart case or slice base
      • Add crumbs into bliss balls
      • Use the crumbs in ice cream sundaes or sprinkle on desserts
      • Chop up coarsely add to your brownie mix
      • Add chunks to your homemade ice cream
      • Add a layer of biscuit crumbs in your chia pudding
      • Make into a into a hedgehog slice or biscuit cake (there are heaps of ideas online for biscuit cakes - just Google)

      Got any other good ideas? Please comment below so we can try them out and I will add them to the list :)

      Hope these help! Lisa x