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Melinda's New Lower Carb Gluten Free Mixes

I'm really excited that Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies have been listening to what our customers need and have created a fab new range of lower carb gluten free mixes and we now have them in stock! 

Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies Lower Carb Mixes - Happy Tummies

The mixes are not only lower carb, but they are higher in protein than their regular mixes, additive free and also have no added sugar making them a great option for people looking for healthier options for their family.

There are three mixes in the range:

All of these mixes are free from gluten and can be made dairy and egg free as well. The flour, muffins and pancake mix do contain almonds however the seed crackers are free of nuts in the ingredients making them a great option for the school lunchbox (not suitable for families who avoid traces of nuts).

I've tried everything so far and been really happy with the results except the seed crackers, I haven't tried them. My kids would FREAK OUT if I put seed crackers in their lunchbox, but I know they'll be great for lots of families who have kids that aren't as fussy as mine. I'm going to try them soon for myself :-)

What I love for my family is that the mixes are free of rice, so I can use them for Alex. I'm not able to use mixes for him that often and it's great to have a quick and easy option when I'm busy.

I made these muffins with the muffin mix and simply added ½ a cup of Enjoy Life Mini Chips to the other ingredients. It made 10 generous size muffins and the kids though they were a great afternoon tea treat!

Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies Lower Carb Muffin Mix - Happy Tummies

We also loved the pancake mix for breakfast. I normally make pancakes from scratch but it was so good just tossing in some eggs and milk (you can use egg substitute too). Some days I just don't have time to make everything from scratch and need an easy option. I loved that these make the same amount as other pancake mixes and that there is no sugar, less carbs and no additives!

You can order your Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies Mixes here! Lisa x