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Gluten Free Wraps: A Round Up Of The Best Recipes

I needed to get some gluten free wraps this week. My kids always LOVE the idea of Taco Tuesday on Tuesdays, and I hate the supermarket wraps that are full of rubbish and preservatives! Not only that, they don't taste that great! It's inspired me to trawl through the internet and find a heap of great recipes for all of you so that no matter what your dietary requirements, there is something yummy for everyone, including paleo wraps!

The great thing about wraps for dinner is that you can pop all the options out and the kids can really get involved in what they have for dinner that night. Sometimes (yep, only sometimes in my house) it's surprising what they add to their dinner :)

First of all though, I've always wondered what the difference is between tortillas and wraps so I did a bit of googling. It turns out that I was actually looking for gluten free tortillas!

According to this article by eHow, there are a few differences:

  • Wraps are bigger than tortillas, because they're used like a sandwich

  • Wraps can have a small amount of yeast in the ingredients so they rise a little

  • Wraps can have other flavours added to them (although Brittany Angell below added flavour to her tortillas, she must be a rebel haha)

  • Wraps are baked but tortillas are pan fried

So with that in mind, I'm really giving you some gluten free tortilla recipes, as well as some paleo tortilla recipes too!

Gluten Free Wraps Recipes - Happy Tummies

Gluten Free Tortilla Recipes (or wraps ;) )

  • This recipe for Gluten Free Flour Tortillas by Gluten Free Baking gives excellent instructions and is a fantastic place to start!

  • Gluten Free Girl gives us her version of Gluten Free Flour Tortillas with comprehensive instructions.

  • I love recipes by the Gluten-Free Goddess and this one for Millet Buckwheat Tortillas is sure to be great!

  • This recipe by Nicole at Gluten Free on a Shoestring includes lots of images to help you make perfect Gluten Free Flour Tortillas (although I couldn't find the video they say is there ;) )

  • Super simple Chickpea Flatbreads by the amazing Tania at Gluten Free Grain Free. More of a flat bread that's not bendy but perfect for kiddos on really restricted diets where chickpea is okay!

Paleo Tortilla Recipes (or wraps ;) )

Just thought I'd add a link to these yummy Spelt Tortillas by Jo at Quirky Cooking for anyone looking for a spelt recipe. They look amazing!!

If you're looking for a really simple Mexican style mince to go in your gluten free wraps then check out this awesome recipe by Wendy from Vegie Smugglers! Super simple and perfect for kids. Get the recipe here.

Gluten Free Wraps Recipes - Happy Tummies - Vegie Smugglers

We've got HEAPS of gluten free flour at Happy Tummies to make gluten free tortillas and wraps! Check them out and order here

Enjoy! Lisa x