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Easter Chocolate Bark

If you're like me and starting to think about a bit of fun for Easter then you might need to grab a pack of these delicious Clarana Vegan Candy Coated Chocolate Buttons with your next order. I guess they're a vegan version of popular Smarties and my kids sure were happy when I showed them that we now have them at Happy Tummies.

These chocolates are gluten free and vegan - they do contain soy lecithin and have a trace warning for milk, tree nuts and peanuts.

The ingredients are: dark chocolate (52%) (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract), sugar, rice starch, glucose syrup, thickener: gum arabic, vanilla extract, glazing agent: carnauba wax, carthamus concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, radish concentrate, spirulina concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, sweet potato juice concentrate, blackcurrant concentrate, apple concentrate.

What I really like about them for my kids is that they're naturally coloured with fruit and vegetable concentrates.

Clarana Vegan Candy Coated Chocolate Buttons

Now these have been a bit tricky to get lately, they've been so popular! But.....

We now have plenty in stock and so I thought I'd use them to make some Easter Chocolate Bark.

To make chocolate bark it's really easy, in fact so easy if your kids are old enough they could do it with very little help. 

Easter Vegan Chocolate Bark - Happy Tummies

I simply lined a tray with baking paper, melted the Sweet William dairy free chocolate in a double boiler, spread it out on the tray and before the chocolate had set carefully placed the Choc Buttons on and then sprinkled with Hopper Sprinkles

For the dark chocolate bark I used Sweet William Dark Chocolate Baking Buttons. This chocolate is really lovely for baking and melting into shapes and tastes amazing. It's also has no soy in the ingredients either (although it does have a trace warning for soy).

For the white chocolate bark, I melted some Sweet William White Chocolate Baking Buttons and tinted some with Hopper Red Natural Food Colour. You could definitely experiment here with whatever colours you have to get a lovely result.

I poured the plain white chocolate on the tray and then dolloped the red tinted chocolate in places and then used a skewer to swirl the two chocolates together for this pretty effect. Again I carefully placed the Choc Buttons on top and then sprinkled with Hopper Sprinkles. You could also use Hopper 100s & 1000s or some lollies to decorate.

If you do a search on Pinterest there are heaps of cool ideas for baking with candy coated buttons for Easter, including lots more lovely pictures of chocolate Easter bark. Some other ideas I saw include decorating cupcakes, cookies (I'd pop them on after you've baked the cookies), brownies, marshmallows and more. 

You can order your Clarana Vegan Candy Coated Chocolate Buttons here.

You can get a few other simple Easter ideas here if you want to make your own treats in this blog post I wrote a few years ago.

Easy Easter Treats - Happy Tummies