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Easy Easter Desserts

Easter is this weekend (yikes!) so if you haven't thought about what you're going to feed your hungry kids over the long weekend I've got a few really easy ideas. If you're going to parties there's no reason why you can't be the one to take the healthy food and often it's easier so that's a big plus!

All you need is some fruit, a bit of imagination and some cookie cutters to make all of these!

  1. Use your alphabet cutters to whip up Happy Easter for the centre of your fruit platter. You could even do the kids names for a bit of fun if you have time (or even better get them to do it!)

  2. These Easter bunny tails are sure to be a winner. I made my melon balls with a melon baller but you could even just throw some grapes in the bowl and call them bunny tails. Use a cute Easter bowl like this one to jazz the bunny tails up. This one is my sister's and she picked up a pack of 2 for about $10 in Target

  3.  I just used some strong toothpicks to secure these Easter shapes I cut out of melon. You could use some kiwi fruit rounds for the bases too!

  4. Easter fruit kebabs - simple and pretty

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!! Lisa x

Easter Fruit Healthy Easter Food - Happy Tummies