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Gluten Free Chocolate Hedgehog Slice

By Sonya Lee - Allergysave 

This Easter, keep things simple with the easy gluten and dairy free hedgehog slice. Recipe by Sonya - thank you!!

Who says having food allergies means missing out?

When my son was diagnosed with life threatening multiple food allergies I was determined that he wouldn’t miss out on what other children were eating. Over the years, I’ve learnt he has missed out.

He’s missed out on a lot of the unhealthy processed food that I probably would have bought for him if he didn’t have allergies.

Hedgehog Slice is allergy friendly and so easy to make. Perfect addition for a picnic, Easter table, or for the bring a plate function. With so many tempting goodies in the shops, Easter can be a time of year when most people with allergies find challenging. It doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Hedgehog Slice is just one of the delicious recipes you’ll find in Easy Allergy Free Easter eBook. All recipes are Gluten and Top 8 free. Grab your copy here NOW!


Gluten Free Chocolate Hedgehog Slice - Happy Tummies

Gluten Free Chocolate Hedgehog Slice Recipe

Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free


1 cup sunflower seed paste (or nut butter)
75g coconut oil
¼ cup maple syrup
150g safe choc chips
1/2 packet of safe biscuits, crushed (I used Leda Choc Chip Cookies)


  • In a small saucepan, gently heat sunflower paste, coconut oil, chocolate chips and maple syrup - stir occasionally until heated through
  • When mixture is smooth, remove from heat
  • Stir in crushed biscuits
  • Pour into a slice dish
  • Place in fridge until almost set, approx 30 minutes
  • Remove and cut into pieces
  • Store in fridge until ready to serve

     Recipe From - Copyright 2017 Allergysave & Happy Tummies


    Enjoy! Sonya & Lisa x

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    Easy Allergy Free Easter - Allergysave - Happy Tummies


    About Sonya Lee from Allergysave

    Sonya Lee - Allergy Save - Happy Tummies

    Sonya Lee (Beisler) is an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach specialising in allergic conditions and gut health. She is the founder of Allergysave where she provides support to families living with allergic conditions.

    Sonya’s love for food and cooking has helped her create allergy friendly recipes for her son – who was diagnosed with severe multiple food allergies to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, rice, corn, oats, soy, fish, chicken, potatoes, peas, peaches, mangoes and lupin.

    She has since authored 3 allergy friendly eBooks – Allergy Friendly Home Cooking, Easy Allergy Free Easter and Easy Allergy Free Christmas. All recipes are free from Gluten, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Fish and Shellfish.

    She has also contributed to various school and preschool fundraising printed cookbooks.

    Sonya is a member of the Aussie Wellness Women and contributed to “From Our Kitchen to Yours” eBook, which raised thousands of dollars for the victims of domestic violence.

    Sonya is passionate about helping people unlock the keys to their own health and wellness and to thrive despite having allergies.

    To connect with Sonya on her social media click below :-)