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Orgran Vegetable Gravy Mix

Orgran Vegetable Gravy Mix has been on our product shelves since we opened Happy Tummies. It's fantastic just made up as a gravy or excellent to use to thicken meals.

It's a versatile product that will suit most family members because it's gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, yeast free and vegan. 

Orgran vegetable Gravy Mix - Happy Tummies

The ingredients are as follows: maize starch, salt, vegetable protein extract (corn), onion, natural caramel colour, emulsifier: vegetable derived monoglycerides.

The picture below (excuse my dodgy photo haha) shows a meal I made with this Orgran Gravy Mix - a simple pie with air fried chips. I fried some finely diced onion with some organic mince in a little olive oil. Then when cooked I mixed some gravy powder with water in a small jug and poured it in, mixing well. I added a bit more until I felt the consistency was right. This meal was demolished and pretty easy to make if you have a pie maker. You could even add some grated veggies into the mix but we had vegetable soup at the start of the meal so I didn't worry.

Gluten Free Pie Made with Orgran Gravy Mix - Happy Tummies

The pastry I like to use for my family is the Grain Free Dough recipe from the book Life Changing Foods by Jo Whitton & Foud Kassab. To get the recipe for this you would need to purchase the book but in my opinion this one recipe is SO good I'd buy the book again just for that recipe. You can take a look at the book here.

I make it with almonds and eggs but there are many different variations of this recipe to suit most dietary requirements. I do find this pastry a bit of a pain to make so I make a bulk batch and freeze in smaller portions so it's quick and easy on the night I need it.

You can watch the short video below where I review this product.


You can order your gravy mix here. Enjoy! Lisa x