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Vegetable Christmas Trees

Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas - Vegetable Christmas Trees

My 7 year old Paige's favourite vegetable is carrot, followed by cucumber, but I usually need to convince her to eat the cucumber! Not with these little trees. She ate them for dinner and asked for more, and then took them in her lunchbox the next day (I kept them in an airtight container). You need nice straight burpless cucumbers to make these and medium size carrots. I used one of these peelers to create nice long ribbons of cucumber.

Healthy Christmas Food - Vegetable Christmas Trees - Happy Tummies

Make the carrot rounds for the bases next. Cut as many extra circles as well and use a small metal star cutter to make the top stars. Make the cucumber trees by threading a strong toothpick with a point at each end through the cucumber. Poke the wide end of the cucumber ribbon into each base and then pop a star on top where the cucumber is narrower. I got 6 trees out of one cucumber (but there was some cucumber left - about half - to use in sushi or other salads). Yummy!

Healthy Christmas Food - Vegetable Christmas Trees - Happy Tummies