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Gluten Free Ice Cream Dessert

One of the things I found most difficult in the past when we had visitors over was that I felt like I should be making 'regular dessert' for the guests. Over time I haven't worried so much and now I just make one thing, but if you still worry about what everyone will eat, or want something really quick and easy the whole family will love then I came up with this just for you!!

All you need to do is whip up a batch of cupcakes, any flavour you like, and turn them into little cups to hold some ice cream. It will literally take seconds to turn them into cups and then you can fill them with any safe ice cream and drizzle with some yummy Nature's Charm Sauce. They'd even be fab filled with Nature's Charm Coconut Whipping Cream :-)

I went with chocolate cupcakes and chocolate sauce because that's what Alex likes the most. We had some Over The Moo Ice Cream in the freezer so Alex had chocolate and Paige had caramel.

Of course if you have time you could make your own ice cream and sauce, but if you're really pushed for time like I was the other night then this idea is for you.

You could even make a big batch of cupcakes and serve some for dessert and ice the rest and serve them the next day (or whack them in the freezer for emergencies).

Anyway, it's a pretty simple idea and I hope your family loves them as much as my kids did!!

Gluten Free Ice Cream Dessert Recipe - Happy Tummies


Gluten Free Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

Cake:Use your favourite cupcake recipe - this is mine! :-)

Ice Cream:Purchase quality safe ice cream - we're making this easy, remember ;-)

Sauce:Nature's Charm Sauce - I used chocolate


  • Make cupcakes according to instructions - in paper cupcake pans
  • While cupcakes are still warm, leave them in the tray and paper pans and gently press them in to make a cup

Gluten Free Cake Bowls - Happy Tummies

  • Place cake cup on serving plate - do not remove paper pan or bowl will fall apart (I tried haha)
  • Place a scoop of ice cream in the cupcake bowl
  • Drizzle with warmed Nature's Charm Sauce
  • Serve immediately

Tip: I warm the Nature's Charm Sauce when I want it thin like a pouring sauce

Recipe From - Copyright 2017 Happy Tummies

Enjoy! Lisa x