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Why I Choose a Genuine MedicAlert Bracelet for My Son

My son Alex has been wearing an ID bracelet for his food allergies since he went to kindergarten. I didn’t worry about it before that, but once he was in someone else’s care I felt it was really important. If it’s something you haven’t considered for your child before now, I urge you to have a think about it now, especially if they go to child care or school. I chose a genuine MedicAlert bracelet for my son and he’s worn one for years now.

These are the reasons that I recommend MedicAlert for medical ID for food allergies:

1.    They are a constant reminder to carers other than yourself that your child has food allergies and that they need to be vigilant around food

2.    If you are not there and your child is confused or unable to talk, vital information is custom engraved on the  back of the emblem for the emergency services or healthcare personnel to see. You can list whatever information you feel is most important. Now that Alex is older I have his first name on his, the worst food allergies that may require an EpiPen, that he has an EpiPen and my mobile phone number so I can be contacted quickly. The staff at the MedicAlert Foundation are really helpful at suggesting what you should put on your emblem, so call and ask for help if you need it!

3.    Each member has a unique membership number which is engraved on the back of their emblem – this assists with quick identification in an emergency

4.    There is a telephone hotline for emergency services and healthcare personnel to call 24/7. This number is engraved on the back of the emblem so that in an emergency healthcare personnel can call and get vital information quickly. The phone lines are staffed by trained professionals who verify callers first before giving out confidential information

5.    MedicAlert is an internationally recognised symbol

6.    You can list all medical information relevant to your child with the MedicAlert Foundation such as a full list of allergies, any other medical conditions, what medication they take, blood group, who their GP is and also list any specialist doctors that they see

7.    In addition to the medical ID you choose for your child or family member to wear, you also get an emergency card to go on your fridge just in case emergency services are called out to your home with all of their details on the back of it, as well as a card to carry with your EpiPen or in your wallet

8.    It’s easy to change the information that the MedicAlert Foundation have on record. Just a quick phone call is all it takes. You automatically get a new card to go on your fridge and a new wallet card if any details change – I love this! It happens more than you think

9.    The products are reasonably priced and membership is great value at only $32

10.   There is a wide range of products including bracelets, sports bands and necklaces so you can find one that’s perfect for your family member

You can view the full range of MedicAlert products here.

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