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Vegan Chocolate

There are so many fabulous vegan chocolate options at Happy Tummies and I often get asked about what's available. You can check out our whole range here

We have dairy free chocolate bars including individual portion sizes, as well as chocolate chips and larger buttons for melting and making your own treats.

Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

These are some of our favourite vegan chocolate brands:

Vegan Chocolate Brand - Happy Tummies

Sweet William Vegan Chocolate

Sweet William are a yummy dairy free chocolate range with lots of options. They do use soy in most of their products but they are all dairy, nut and gluten free. The dark chocolate baking buttons, and 100g bars in plain dark chocolate and dark chocolate with cherry and coconut are all soy free ingredients wise, but soy is used in the factory for other lines. 

The Sweet William chocolate range includes a great selection of 100g bars for munching, vegan chocolate chips for your baking, mini bars for small treats for the kids and their famous range of buttons, perfect for meting into beautiful treats. Sweet William also make cute dairy free chocolate bunnies and Santas for seasonal treats for kids.

Sweet William Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

Moo Free Vegan Chocolate

Moo Free dairy free chocolate is a favourite at Happy Tummies and popular due to it's yummy milky texture and flavour. There are lots of yummy flavours and sizes to suit families and of course the super popular dairy free Easter Eggs and Christmas treats, including a beautiful vegan Advent Calendar.

Moo free chocolate is dairy and gluten free and there is no soy in the ingredients. There is a trace warning for hazelnuts on Moo Free chocolate.


Moo Free Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

Enjoy Life Vegan Chocolate

One of my personal favourites, Enjoy Life dairy free chocolate is free of the Top 8 allergens making it a great choice for families that need to avoid traces. The Enjoy Life Mini Chips and Morsels are fabulous in baking and Enjoy Life the Mega Chunks are great for melting and making your own creations.

I find the Enjoy Life bars particularly handy because I can toss one into my son's epi-pen case and I have one for any emergency like an unexpected treat at a friends, or a quick trip to a coffee shop :-)

Enjoy Life Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

Plamil Vegan Chocolate

If you're looking for organic vegan chocolate then Plamil is a great choice. Plamil chocolate is dairy free, nut free and gluten free. We stock plain varieties of 100g bars as well as the super popular 1kg bags of choc chips. The most popular Plamil product is the 1kg sugar free vegan chocolate chips.

We always get a beautiful selection of vegan Easter Eggs and Christmas treats by Plamil.

Plamil Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies 

Loving Earth

The yummy Loving Earth raw dairy free chocolates are great for true lovers of chocolate who like it raw ;-) We stock the varieties free of nuts in the ingredients by Loving Earth. These chocolates are gluten, dairy and soy free. They have a trace warning for nuts.

Loving Earth Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

Eskal Vegan Chocolate

Eskal Noble Choice dairy free chocolate has very recently undergone a makeover and the bars now no longer have soy flour in the ingredients (they do have soy lecithin though). We stock the really popular plain bar, as well as mint and dairy free chocolate chips.

Eskal Noble Choice Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

Bonvita Vegan Chocolate

One of the most popular products we have at Happy Tummies would have to be the Bonvita Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes. These are a great snack for families dealing with multiple food allergies. We also have Classic Original milk chocolate and White chocolate in the same brand in 100g bars. Bonvita chocolate does have a trace warning for peanuts, dairy products, nuts and sesame however they are gluten and lactose free.

There are also some lovely vegan treats by Bonvita at Easter and Christmas that are really popular.

Bonvita Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies