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Meet Mediband: Suppliers of Medical Id Bracelets

This week I’d like you to meet Mediband who make quality silicone medic alert bracelets, great if you have kids that don’t like metal bracelets or keep losing things!

They’ve written an article for us below to have a read about why their silicone bands are great and there’s a special deal at the end – just for members of the Happy Tummies community!

Worry Less, Live More

Allergies and gastrointestinal ailments are not easy to live with. They require constant vigilance and attention to even the smallest details. Considerations includes where and when you eat, as well as what you eat, and how much. This is particularly true of severe food allergies, where you can never stop worrying about your loved ones.

Some questions to ask yourself include:

•    Could your allergy or digestive issue present challenges for first responders? – the people first on the scene when you have an emergency

•    Is there vital information someone should know in an emergency? 

Mediband talks for you when you can’t, alerting first responders and emergency room personnel to your special needs.

Seconds Count

​In an emergency situation, providing first responders with this information is vital. The sooner they know your medical condition, the better prepared they are to save your life. It can also greatly impact how you recover from an emergency episode.

A Mediband for your loved ones will give everyone – you, your loved ones, and first responders, peace of mind. They’re comfortable and stand out when you need them to.

Taking the Boring out of Medic Alert Bracelets

Mediband are silicone medical alert bracelets. They are stylish and fun to wear, especially for kids that don’t like wearing metal bands.

Medibands are fully customisable, too. Users can put any information they want on them, from primary and secondary conditions, medications and emergency contact information.

Fun and Fashionable

Medibands are fashionable, durable, lightweight and comfortable.

They are also a fraction of the cost of metal medical bracelets. This means you can order several, so you have plenty of replacement backups. As you would expect, ordering at Mediband is safe and secure.

Mediband Plus

Mediband Plus talks for you when you can’t, storing all of your medical information online, allowing first responders and hospital personnel to access all of your medical information instantly.

On Mediband Plus, doctors and nurses will find your personal, medical, and emergency contact information. Examples of data you can store on Mediband Plus include everything from contact information, blood type, current medical conditions and medications to physician information, surgical and implant history, and even your donor wishes.

Records are easily updated and managed, and Mediband Plus also sends emails to your loved ones in the case of an emergency. Personal details, of course, are encrypted and password protected, and the privacy level of your information can be set to public, hospitals only, or to private.

Mediband at the Ready

As you’d be aware, at any time you or your loved one could require immediate medical attention, so Mediband is here to put you in the best possible position to survive an emergency.

Mediband offers the protection and peace of mind you are looking for at a fraction of the price.


Mediband Medic Alert Bracelet - Happy Tummies

I really think that medic alert bracelets are so important, for a very small investment it could save yours or your loved ones life! 

Lisa x