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Making Back to School Easier

I’ve been starting to think about all of the things I need to organise before school goes back. It’s a pretty long list and I’m busy, probably just like you. I find having a list of all of the things I need to do handy so I’ve created a list that we can all use. It’s just a simple checklist you can print out and write each of your children’s names on and then simply tick off all the jobs you’ve done. Easy!

You can download you free chart here.

For those of you who have kids with allergies you’ll also need to be getting a new action plan for anaphylaxis. If you need a copy to take to your GP just in case they don’t have one you can download a blank copy here. Don’t forget to get a new asthma plan also if they need one of them.

I hope the next few weeks run smoothly with your kids getting ready for the big year ahead and you find the checklist I created helpful. Lisa x

Back To School List For Kids With Allergies - Happy Tummies