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Gluten Free Lollies

Gluten free lollies are one treat most families find they need for parties, at Halloween, Christmas and so on so their kids don't feel left out. At Happy Tummies we stock a variety of gluten free lollies, and in addition some are vegan. Most are also free of artificial colours. We like to give families lots of choice here so that when their kids do have a treat, it's really something special.

These are some of our favourite gf lollies brands:

Gluten Free Lollies - Happy Tummies


Biona Organic lollies are a beautiful organic option that contain no nasty colours. They are also vegan. 

Biona Gluten Free Lollies- Happy Tummies


Eco-Vital lollies are really popular at Happy Tummies. They come in 5 great flavours and are popular because they're organic, gluten free and vegan. Eco-Vital lollies do have a trace warning for dairy.

Eco-Vital Gluten Free Lollies - Happy Tummies

Eskal Foods

If you're looking for a great marshmallows that are gluten, wheat and dairy free then Eskal marshmallows are for you. Choose from plain white or pink and white. Perfect for toasting on a campfire or using in your Christmas baking. These marshmallows do have a trace warning for nuts.

Eskal Foods Gluten Free Marshmallows - Happy tummies


Hopper Foods are famous for their beautiful natural cake decorations but did you now they make some fab gluten free and colour free lollies? The yummy colour free musk sticks are great as a treat and also handy at Christmas for decorating gingerbread houses. They also make some delicious pear lollipops. Both are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free however they do contain wheat glucose so no good for people with wheat allergies.

Hopper Foods Gluten Free Lollies - Happy Tummies

Simply Wize Irresistible Lollies

Yummy Simply Wize Irresitible Lollies come in a huge range of flavours, just like other popular brand Australian lollies that families miss when challenged with food allergies.

 Simply Wize Irresistible Gluten Free Lollies - Happy Tummies


Last but certainly not least are the amazing Yum Earth range of lollipops and gluten free lollies. These lollipops, fruit snacks and drops are all vegan however the gummy bears and snakes do contain gelatin. All Yum Earth lollies are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. They're a great brand for families with multiple allergies due to their strict allergen labeling. You can get more detail here if required.

Yum Earth Gluten Free Lollipops - Happy Tummies