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Dinner Ideas for Kids with Food Allergies and Fussy Eaters

One of the things I get asked a lot when I mention Alex's list of food allergies is "what can he eat?" I also get asked quite a bit about dinners when chatting to other mums who are starting out their food allergy journey. It's easy to feel depressed or negative about what your kids can't eat when they have food allergies or intolerances so I'd like to challenge you today to start to think about what they can eat and focus on that. It really helps!!

Dinner Ideas For Kids With Food Allergies - Happy Tummies

Recently I've been thinking about a way I could help you more with feeding your kids for dinner and I recalled a lunch Alex had while I was away at Christmas. We were on an organised tour and the restaurant had the list of foods Alex couldn't eat. They had come up with on their own a feast of freshly cooked chips, plain steamed vegetables and some plain chicken kebabs. I hadn't made kebabs in a very long time and I was pretty dubious he would eat them. To my surprise he tucked in and ate not just one but many, and we have since had plain kebabs on the menu at our house many times!!

It just goes to show that you can do the same boring meal night after night with a twist or a small change and the kids love that! Kebabs aren't really any different to plain grilled chicken except that the chicken is threaded onto a stick.

This week I've created a chart for you which will help with basic dinner ideas for kids with food allergies or even fussy kids who don't like different foods touching, and don't like casseroles, or mixed up kinds of meals.

If you've got a kid like that too you'll know what I'm talking about!! If you multiply out every meal combo on this chart it'll give you 480 simple meal idea options. You could even add other safe meats or fish and some other sides to the chart so you can easily come up with something simple and different to last night.

You can download your free chart here :-) No email required - just click the link and it's yours.

Dinner Ideas For Kids With Food Allergies - Happy Tummies

I hope you find it helpful!! Lisa x