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Carrot Reindeer Food

Day 6 of the 12 Days of Christmas - Carrot Reindeer Food

I did a bowl of carrots at my daughter Paige's Frozen birthday party back in January and called it Sven Food. I was a bit worried when I put out the cute carrots I had bought when my Mum said to me "The kids won't eat them!" Haha..... how wrong was she!

You see, it's all in the marketing with kids isn't it? Call it reindeer food and they'll scoff the lot! At Paige's Frozen Party the small group of kids ate 2kg of carrots. The handful that were left were snapped up as the kids left and they ate them on the way home! 

Don't buy massive carrots to do this. Just buy small ones, or even the little Dutch carrots would look cute. I didn't even peel them, I just gave them a good scrub! Make sure you pop a tag on calling them "Reindeer Food" to make them fun :-)

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