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Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc 450g

Gluten free, dairy free and vegan protein powder

Nutra Organics Thriving Protein Cacao Choc is a delicious addition to your smoothie. Safe from age 12 months.


Organic sprouted & bio fermented live protein blend 5525mg: organic sprouted & fermented pea protein* (82% pre-digested cultured protein isolate), organic whole brown rice protein isolate*

Peruvian cacao & plant based sweetener blend 1732mg: organic raw cacao*, cacao extract, thaumatin (plant based sweetener)

Organic EFA (essential fatty acids) & fibre blend 2044mg: organic whole brown rice milk powder*, flax seed powder*, chia seed powder, apple pectin

Organic bio-fermented pro-biotic blend 330mg: fermented sprout blend (mung bean sprout*, brown rice sprout*, red lentil sprout*, chick pea sprout*, linseed/flax sprout*, alfalfa seed sprout*, millet sprout*, quinoa sprout*, chia sprout*) - molasses added for the fermentation process

Vitamin & essential mineral blend 330mg: organic natural sea mineral complex (calcium, magnesium, 74 trace minerals), high vitamin d mushroom powder

Organic wholefood herbal extract blend 39mg: organic curry*, guava, lemon, amla, holy basil extract.

Nutritional Information**
Servings per package: 15
Serving Size: 30g

As Per Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 454kJ 1514kJ
Protein 15.5g 51.5g
Fat, Total 1.7g 5.6g
     Saturated <1g 1.2g
Carbohydrate, Total 5.7g 19g
     Sugars 1g 3.6g
Dietary Fibre 2.7g 9g
Sodium 46.5mg 155mg

** Use 10g to 30g per serve

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