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Loving Earth CREAMY Mylk Chocolate 80g

Gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, organic and raw chocolate

Loving Earth Raw Organic Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate with 47% cacao is sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar. 

Ingredients: evaporated coconut nectar *º, virgin cocoa butter*º, coconut* 23%, raw cacao beans*º. *certified organic ºcertified fair trade

Allergen Statement: Contains traces of nuts.

Please consider adding an ice pack to your order for transport. Raw chocolate is more sensitive to damage by heat in transit.

Nutritional Information
Servings per package: * Serving Size: 8.9g
As Per Ave. Qty Per Serve Ave Qty Per 100g
Energy 232kJ 2610kJ
Protein 0.4g 4.6g
Fat, Total 4.4g 50g
     Saturated 3.0g 33.6g
Carbohydrate, Total 3.8g 42.8g
     Sugars 2.8g 31.6g
Dietary Fibre * g * g
Sodium 2mg 24mg

* Not Provided