Forbidden Rice Black 500g

Best Before: 31/01/23

Gluten free, vegan and organic rice

This yummy black rice has a delicious nutty taste, a lovely aroma and superior health benefits to white and brown rice. It's high in protein and iron with a low GI. Cooks in 20 - 30 minutes.

Ingredients: parboiled black rice.

Nutritional Information**
Servings per package: 5
Serving Size: 100g

As Per Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 1451kJ 1451kJ
Protein 8.9g 8.9g
Fat, Total 2g 2g
     Saturated <1g <1g
Carbohydrate, Total 70.8g 70.8g
     Sugars <1g <1g
Dietary Fibre 2.8g 2.8g
Sodium <7mg <7mg