F.G. Roberts Gluten Free Bunbury Biscuit Mix 500g

Best Before: 01/11/22

Gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, egg free cookie mix

Use this versatile cookie mix for your kids with multiple allergies to whip up their favourite cookies. Add any extras of your choice once the dough is formed like choc chips, nuts or even 100s & 1000s for a bit of fun.

Ingredients: sugar, maize, rice flour, chickpea flour, xanthan gum, GDL, dietary fibre, vanilla, sodium bicarbonate.

Allergen Statement: May contain traces of soy.

To make: To 225g biscuit mix ad 50g melted butter and 50mls water.

Nutritional Information
Servings per package: *
Serving Size: *g

As Per Per Serve Per 100g
Energy * kJ 1630kJ
Protein * g 6.46g
Fat, Total * g 2.7g
     Saturated * g * g
Carbohydrate, Total * g 81.9g
     Sugars * g 17.0g
Dietary Fibre * g 3.7g
Sodium * mg 250mg

*Not Provided

Customer Reviews

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So easy to make

Late at night I realised I had no lunchbox treats for school the next day. Thankfully I had a packet of the Bunbury Biscuit Mix. I made up the whole packet to have enough cookies to last a few days. The mixture was super easy, took no time to bake and had a nice subtle vanilla flavour. To add a bit of extra oomph, I spread on some lemon passionfruit butter. YUM!!
The Sweet William Chocolate Spread would also work really well.

Customer Reviews

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