Same Week Day Dispatch on Orders Before 12 Noon


Please choose "Chocolate Shipping" which is express plus an ice pack.

If you order with "Standard Shipping" or "Express Shipping" because it's cheaper, it will be shipped that way. There will be no refunds on heat damaged chocolate. We may also delay dispatch of orders with standard or shipping containing chocolate on warm days if we can see cooler weather ahead. We agree to do our very best to protect your chocolate by wrapping in heat reflective foil at no extra cost to you.

Heat damage may involve melting, or the chocolate may go white and crumbly (this does not mean it's old, it has been hot over a long period). 

As a small family run business we cannot provide free chocolate shipping upgrades, we just don't have the margins on our products to afford this.

We recommend during summer if you only want to select standard shipping that you remove any chocolate from your cart, including chocolate biscuits.


Chocolate Shipping costs considerably more because:

  • We add a new reusable gel ice pack that's suitable for food and air travel, and freeze it ahead of time
  • We wrap it to help prevent your goodies getting wet
  • We wrap your chocolate and ice pack in heat reflective foil
  • The ice pack weighs 0.5kg that adds to your order weight
  • We also time the packing of these orders so they're done last - which means we need to handle your order twice

All of this adds extra time and complexity - and of course cost.

** You may prefer to place a small chocolate order, and then place a separate order and choose standard for your other goodies that are not heat sensitive. This may work out cheaper. **

If you choose standard shipping it will be sent that way and is shipped at your risk. We do not cover melting or heat damage in transit.