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The Chocolate Yogi Vegan Chocolates

We have a lot of popular products at Happy Tummies but vegan chocolate would have to be right up there as one of the most popular categories. 

The gorgeous vegan chocolate bars by The Chocolate Yogi are my favourite raw chocolate and they come in heaps of fun flavours, and now they have added these gorgeous little Oscar Bars - too good to just give to the kids!

The Chocolate Yogi Oscar Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies
One of the reasons I really love this chocolate is the story behind it. This chocolate started being made with love by an Australian couple in their kitchen on island just of Sydney.

The ingredients had to make a trek over to the island by water and then Malindi used to hand sort the beans on her kitchen bench and temper the chocolate by hand. There's a picture of Ed waiting for the water taxi to collect wholesale orders on the story page of their website and it's so inspiring to see how a small chocolate business started.

After a year, production moved to Hornsby to a dedicated factory just for making their chocolate. Their core values have not changed in this time - be loving, share abundance and change the world. I love it!

The Chocolate Yogi have created a spectacular range of fab flavours and their chocolate is silky smooth and not at all bitter like some raw chocolates.

It's also vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, refined sugar free, organic and the Oscar bars are free of traces of nuts too.

Choose from yummy Peppermint Jazz (my personal favourite), Frothy Toffee, Hunny Bumbly and more.....

The Chocolate Yogi Dairy Free Vegan Chocolate - Happy Tummies

You can check out the whole range here.

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